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Right of Way (Utility or Special Use) Permits Special Use Permit Permit# 2013R-006, UID# 487
App. Status: Work complete

Valid: 03/23/2013 - 03/31/2013
McLeod County Public Works
1400 Adams Street SE
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Phone: (320) 484-4321
Fax: (320) 234-6971


Event Date(s):


Location, Time, Purpose and Narrative of Event:
Location: County Road 76
Time: Saturday 3/23/13 around 12:00pm, there is a small possibility that we will not be able to test on this day because the car may not be able to drive. If this were to occur we would like to test the next day 3/24/13, or at the very latest  3/31/13. I do believe that we will hit the target date of 3/23/13 though. The test could last as long as 4 hours depending on what happens.
Purpose: The purpose of this event is to validate a senior design project for a group of students out of South Dakota State University. The project consists of designing a pinion brake that will attach to the pinion of a Dodge Monico (Car may change). With this event the group hopes to validate the design by bringing the car up to 30mph and stopping the car. If you have any questions please contact me Benjamin Bahr at 1-320-583-4125

Sketch / Site Plan

Upload sketch or layout of event:


Applicant name:
Company name:
South Dakota State University
(320583 - 4125
Company phone:
(320583 - 4125
Company address:
1044 6th Aveune
Brookings SD 57006


  • McLeod County must be listed as "Additional Insured" on insurance.

  • Permission is granted for an event or procession on the above referenced highway, subject to the following provisions:

    1. That a specific time and date is set for the event and such use shall not exceed six hours, unless approved by Engineer in Special Provisions.
    2. That all participants and event officials will obey all Minnesota and Local Laws pertaining to the use of highway right of way.
    3. That adequate police coverage of the event is available. Coordination with local police and the Sheriff Department is required.
    4. If signing is necessary to mark the event route, traffic control signs must conform to the latest edition of the Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. (MMUTCD) so as to leave no doubt as to the intended route.
    5. No buildings, tents or other encroachments are permitted within highway right of way without permission.
    6. That the local community or sponsoring organization is responsible for all the costs involved, including, providing police coverage if needed for traffic control.
    7. Agree to indemnify, save, and hold harmless the County of McLeod and all its agents and employees of whatsoever nature or character arising out of any problems, accidents, or other issues associated with the event following the attached route.
    8. Notification to affected township(s) of event date(s), time(s), route, etc. information prior to the event(s).

Invoice #402 (03/20/2013)

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ApplicantBENJAMIN O. BAHR - 03/20/2013 12:44 PM
#1 County Engineer/DesigneeJohn Brunkhorst - 03/20/2013 3:05 PM
Permit has been approved. All signatures have been obtained.